Some Of The Things To Know Before You Start Using WordPress

wrdpsWordPress is one of the world’s most popular blogging website creation tools. Most people know it because it is incredibly user-friendly and because it is very powerful. Due to its popularity, you may have considered using WordPress yourself. However, if you are completely new to it, you may find yourself slightly confused by the jargon. Hopefully, the following information will help you to get started.

Blog is the word we use for the articles you place on your WordPress site. It is actually short for “web log” and basically refers to an online journal. Then, there is the CMS or Content Management System, which is basically your WordPress dashboard, where you can add and change your content, including images, text, video and more. A WordPress website can be either self-hosted or hosted. If you self-host, you have greater versatility options than if you allow WordPress to host it. You can let WordPress host your blog for free. On the other hand, if you host through WordPress, you will not be able to advertise or sell on your blog. Then, there is the server, which refers to the physical computer that houses your website. This particular computer is always online and you connect to it through the WordPress control panel. Your control panel is the tool you use to actually go online and access the internet. You can use it to set up various features and other elements that the dashboard does not allow you to manipulate. The dashboard is basically your control panel. It gives you all sorts of information on how your blog is performing and it also allows you to manipulate the features of your blog, such as the theme and what plugins you want to use. Your theme is the way your WordPress site looks to visitors. You have a lot of choice here, with various free and paid for themes being offered to you. You can also design your own theme if you have the skills to do so. Plugins are extra tools that allow you to turn your WordPress site into something that is just for you. They can add features, make your site smarter, simplify things, track elements and more.

The final term you will come across is “blogger”. This refers to you! As soon as you start to upload things to your WordPress site, you will be a true blogger, ready to take on your place in the world wide web and to make your mark on society. WordPress truly offers it all. Whether you want to keep things simple and simply share your opinion on things with the world, or whether you want to build a huge website with a variety of different features, it is possible through WordPress.